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Canyoning Kawasan Falls in Badian Cebu Philippines

Canyoning at Kawasan Falls Badian Cebu

Guided Canyoning Tours with Planet Action Adventure

Planet Action Adventure offers adrenaline pumping action in Cebu's hidden canyons. some of our whole day tours rappelling down 30 meter waterfalls and just free jumping into deep natural fresh water pools are a challenge for everybody.We offers these exciting day tours for more than 15 years and share our expertise to everyone. Even beginners can master it safely with the help of our experienced guides and intro lessons.

Canyoning (known in the U.S. as canyoneering) is a sport popular in several countries. It involves traveling down creeks or streams within a canyon by a variety of means including walking, swimming, climbing, abseiling.

Full Day Tour: Canyoning at the Kawasan Falls Badian

Canyoning at Kawasan FallsThe Canyoning tour at Kawasan Falls is a fun adventure for everybody, which does not involve abseiling and the use of climbing gears unlike on our more challenging tours at Montaneza or Tison Falls.We also over the same tour at Kawasan falls reverse vice than we call river climbing and it is much more challenging. First our action truck will bring you to the entrance of the canyoning tour around 1 hour from Moalboal, After we gear up with safety gears ( helmet and life jacket) we will just have 5 min walk until the real fun starts, jump into countless fresh water pools up too 10 meter high, swim down rapids, and enjoy the incredible nature around. After around 3.5 hours we will exit at The Kawasan Badian National Park and waterfalls. Finishing the trip with a great BBQ at Matutinao beach.

In Cebu this tour become extremely popular after it was featured at the TV show "Biyahe ni Drew" and was rated as one of the most exciting adventure trips in the Philippines.

Quick Facts: Full day - Guided Canyoning Tour at Kawasan Falls
Location South Cebu island- Starting point is Moalboal , pick up in Cebu city and Mactan can be arraigned click more info...
Difficulty easy to medium - can be difficult especially during high water levels
Schedule daily - with a minimum of two people - starts at 9a.m. and ends 4 p.m. in Moalboal
What do you wear? Cloths: Shorts & T-shirt Footwear: trainer, trekking sandals or booties - bring some extra cloths and towel to change!!!
Price per person 2500 PHP per person include transfers by action truck, guide fees & instructions, rental equipment, barbecue and drinks - for special group rates and arrangements, please contact us.

Canyoning at Kawasan Fall Badian


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