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Trekking in Cebu Island

South High Hill  Cebu

Trekking and hiking on Cebu Island

Osmenea Peak CebuPlanet Action offers trekking around the South High Hills on Cebu Island.This mountain range up to 1100 m above is one the top trekking destination in the Philippines.

Climb the Osmena Peak on Cebu Island

Hiking Cebu IslandWe'll make our way through the South Cebu high hills crossing a rugged range dividing Cebu Island into East and West. Well visit Osmena Peak, the highest point on the Island of Cebu. We'll trek through valleys and jungles and experience nature and breathtaking views. Meet friendly locals and experience a mountain market place where local produce is sold. This is the real Cebu.



Quick Facts: Full day - Guided Trekking Tour Osmenea Peak Cebu
Location South Cebu island- Starting point is Moalboal , pick up in Cebu city and Mactan can be arraigned click more info...
Difficulty medium - hard - good physiacl condtion required
Schedule daily - with a minimum of two people - starts at 9a.m. and ends 5 p.m. in Moalboal
What do would wear? Cloths: Shorts & T-shirt Footwear: trainer, trekking sandals - bring sun block and a hat!!!
Price per person 2500 per person - include transfers by action truck, guide fees & instructions, lunch sandwich and drinks

Trekking Cebu Island

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